Club Olympia Medals and Achieves State and National Cuts in Multiple Divisional Meet Events

Sheetal Kondhare

This past weekend 50 Club Olympia athletes competed in Indiana Swimming’s Southeast Divisional Championships at Center Grove High School. Divisional meets are the first in a series of annual championship meets at the end of the Short Course season with increasingly difficult qualifying standards which progress up through Senior State Championships and, for some swimmers, the Speedo Sectionals, which are USA Swimming’s regional championships.

The SE Divisional invites 20 teams from the southeast corner of Indiana, including the highly competitive teams from Franklin and Center Grove, all hoping their swimmers achieve top 8 podium medal finishes in each event and meet difficult time standards in order to qualify for one or both of the next two week’s state championship meets.

For the weekend, Club Olympia athletes claimed over 75 podium medal finishes in individual and relay events, as well as 8 Senior State, 13 Age Group State, and 3 national level Speedo Sectional cuts.

Event winners included Shreyan Kulkarni in the Boys 10&U 50 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, and 100 Breaststroke, Connelly Furnish in the Girls 14&U 400 IM, Todd Hundley in the Boys 14&U 400 IM, Misha Machavariani in the Boys 13-14 50 Freestyle, Tony Machavariani in the Boys 12&U 500 Freestyle, Annie Murer in the Women’s Open 500 Freestyle, and Hope Westphal in the Women’s Open 100 Butterfly.

Judah Nickoll achieved his first Senior State and Central Zone Speedo Sectional cut in the Men’s Open 100 Back.

Dathan Wolf added two Speedo Sectional bonus cuts and Senior State cuts in the Men’s Open 100 Fly and 200 Back to go with the cuts he made at the Columbus Boys High School Sectionals last month in the 100 Back and 100 Free.

Cole Ehara achieved his first Senior State cut placing second in the Men’s Open 1650 Free. He also finished in second and just missed the Senior State cut in the 200 Fly and 200 IM.

Annie Murer achieved her first Senior State cuts in the Women’s Open 200 and 500 Free, where she was also the event winner.

Todd Hundley also achieved Age Group State cuts in four 13-14 Boys events: the 200 and 500 Free, 200 Fly, and the 400 IM, which he won.

Misha Machavariani won the Boys 13-14 50 Free while achieving the Age Group State time standard.

Shreyan Kulkarni, just 9 years old, won three of the four 10&U events he got Age Group State cuts in: 50 Free, 100 Back, and 100 Breaststroke, as well as the 50 Breaststroke where he finished in second place.

Aashka Shah got her first ever Age Group State cut in the 10&Under Girls 100 Fly.

Joshua Pendleton, just 11, got the 11-12 Boys 100 Breaststroke cut, so he now has the State cuts in every 11-12 event except the 50 Breaststroke.

The Club Olympia distance swimmers were very successful in the 1650 Freestyle (the Mile) taking four of the top 11 finishes in the Men’s Open event with Cole Ehara, Ty Mayer, Josh Pendleton and Ethan Hall, while Cassidy Furnish took 4th overall in the Girls 14&U 1650 Freestyle event.
Club Olympia’s relay teams also performed well throughout the weekend with multiple podium finishes in a very competitive field across several age groups. Advika Badve, Connelly Furnish, Sanaa Kulkarni, and Nandini Kondhare teamed up to win the 11-12 Girls 200 Free and 200 Medley relays and achieve the Age Group State cut in both, while the Boys 15-18 200 Medley relay, consisting of Nickoll, Pratt Badve, Wolf and Cavan Stilson, won in a Senior State cut time.

Other swimmers receiving a medal on the award’s podium for top 8 finishes included Arjun Agarkar (10), Shreyan Kulkarni (9), Vivan Shah (8) and Daxton Wolf (10) for finishing in 2nd and Aahan Gupta (8), Adir Joshi (10), Tony Machavariani (9) and Xavier Xhang (10) for finishing in 3rd in both the Boys 10&U 200 Free and 200 Medley relays; Advika Badve with 4 podium finishes, including placing second in the Girls 11-12 50 Backstroke and Breaststroke; Pratt Badve with three top 8 finishes; Madelyn Beyer teamed with Maggie Johnson, Annie Murer and Hope Westphal to place second in the Girls 15-18 200 Free relay and with Murer, Ashley Freel and Ali Trueblood to place third in the 200 Medley relay; Zoie Chandelkar had three individual podium finishes and teamed with Brooklyn Pendleton, Lovely Panda and Cassidy Furnish to place 8th in the Girls 13-14 200 Free relay; Spencer Erfmeier teamed with Ehara, Badve and Wolf to place 5th in the Boys 15-18 200 Free relay; Cassidy Furnish had three individual top 8 finishes; Cali Gray (8), Bella Zhang (7), Myra Jaryal (7) and Aahana Ingole (7) combined to win the 5th place medal in the Girls 10&U 200 Medley relay; Aahan Gupta (8) placed third in the Boys 10&U 50 Fly; Josie Hudson (10) teamed up with Aashka Shah (10), Lily Pendleton (9) and Emily Meek (8) to place second in the Girls 10&U 200 Medley relay and fifth in the 200 Free relay; Maggie Johnson podiumed in five of her six events and finished in ninth in that sixth event; Ty Mayer had two podium finishes; Annie Murer had three podium finishes and scratched out of finals in her other three events to start focusing on Senior State; Jasper Nickoll, competing in his just his second meet after joining Club Olympia 10 days earlier, combined with Hundley, Misha Machavariani and Keaton Stephenson to place 5th in the Boys 13-14 200 Medley and 6th in the 200 Free relays; Lily Pendleton placed third in both the Girls 10&U 200 Free and 200 IM; Aksh Ranjan medaled in both the Boys 11-12 50 and 100 Breaststroke races; Aashka Shah got four 2nd place finishes and two 5th place finishes in her six individual events; Vivan Shah podiumed in the Boys 10&U 100 Back; Keaton Stephenson finished in 4th in the Boys 13-14 200 Free; Cavan Stilson teamed with Pratt Badve, Judah Nickoll and Dathan Wolf to finish in 2nd in the Boys 15-18 200 Free relay; Hope Westphal had three podium finishes and scratched out of finals in her three Girls 15-18 events on Sunday to start focusing on Senior State; Dathan Wolf had four podium finishes and scratched out of a fifth on Sunday; and Xavier Zhang had podium finishes in two of his Boys 10&U events.