Learn to Swim Program

We do not plan to offer swim lessons during the winter of 2023-2024.  Our instructors will be very busy with their high school swim season and academics.  We plan to offer the next session in Spring 2024 (approximately April-May timeframe).  More details will be added to the website in February or March.  

We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes:

   Beginning: Pre-requisites:  None

Skills covered: Safe water entry and exit, immersion of face and ears, breath control (blowing bubbles), front float and back float with support, flutter kicks with support, introduction to windmill arms (forward and backward)



Intermediate: Pre-requisites: Swimmer must be able to demonstrate all of the Beginner Level skills.

Skills covered: breath control – bobs and breathing to the side from a static position, front glide and back glide with kicks, straight-arm front crawl with side breathing, straight-arm back crawl with flutter kick, feet-first diving from the side of the pool, diving progression (sitting, kneeling, compact, stride, and standing)

Advanced: Pre-requisites: Swimmer must be able to demonstrate all of the Intermediate Level skills.

Skills covered: front crawl with bilateral side breathing, lap swimming, treading water, whip kick, dolphin kick, breaststroke, butterfly, open race turns, introduction to bent-arm pull and recovery on front and back crawl, underwater swimming, long shallow dives