Sheetal Kondhare

This past weekend, athletes from Club Olympia swam to a second place team at the FAST 500 Invite held in Fishers, Indiana, out placing several teams from Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois.  Tony Machavariani placed second in Highpoint scoring in the Boys 9-10 age group, and Vivan Shah and Aahan Gupta placed second and third respectively in the Boys 8U age group.   Other top performers for the weekend included Ashley Freel, Connelly Furnish, Todd Hundley, Maggie Johnson, Shreyan Kulkarni, Misha Machavariani, Emily Meek, Lane Mellencamp, Chad Pendleton, Joshua Pendleton, and Hope Westphal.  This meet also featured the first distance event of the summer “Long Course” season, the 800 meter free.  Club Olympia claimed 11 top 20 finishes with Furnish, Hundley, Mellencamp, and Freel all top 5 in their respective age groups.

In the 8&U division, Shah claimed eight top 3 finishes, winning the 50 Breast and 200 IM, 2nd in the 50 & 100 Free and the 50 Fly and 50 Back and 3rd in the 100 and 200 Free.  Gupta placed top 5 in seven events, including 1st in the 200 Free, 2nd in the 100 Free, 3rd in the 50 Breast, 50 Back, and 50 Fly, 4th in the 50 Free and 5th in the 100 Back.  Emily Meek claimed six top 5s, placing  3rd in the 100 Fly and 100 Back, 4th in the 100 Breast, and 5th in the 50 and 100 Free, and 50 Fly.  Chad Pendleton, swimming in only three events, placed top 10 in each, including a 5th place finish in the 100 Free.  Teddy Machavariani and Sarthak Deshmukh claimed three top 10 finishes.

For the 9-10 year olds, Tony Machavariani finished top 5 in all 9 of his events, placing 1st in the 100 Fly and 200 IM, 2nd in the 50 and 100 Free, 50 and 100 Breast, 3rd in the 100 Back and 200 Free and 4th in the 400 Free.  Shreyan Kulkarni had nine Top 10 finishes, including a 4th place finish in the 200 IM, and 5th in the 50 Free, 100 Breast and 100 Back, and 200 Free.  

Also swimming in the 10 and under age groups were Shourya Malviva, Lily Pendleton, Daxton Wolf, Bella Zhang, Aahana Ingole, Myra Jaryal, Adir Joshi, Arjun Agarkar, Aarush Datar, and Cali Gray.

Joshua Pendleton paced the Club Olympia 11-12 year olds group winning the 100 Fly, 100 and 400 Free, and 400 IM and placing 2nd in the 50 Back and 100 Free. Other swimmers competing in the 11-12 age group events were Aubrey Hernandez, Vidita Keskar, Nandini Kondhare, and Aashka Shah.

For the 13-14 year olds, Connelly Furnish claimed five top 5 finishes, with a 2nd in the 800 Free, 3rd in the 200 Free and 400 Free, 4th in the 400 IM, and 5th in the 200 Breast.    Lane Mellencamp, swimming “Unattached-Club Olympia” during the 120 transfer period, finished top 10 in eight events with a 3rd in the 200 Free, 4th in the 50 Free, and 5th in the 800 Free.  Todd Hundley placed 2nd in the 200 Back and 800 Free and 4th in the 200 Free.  Also competing in the 13-14 age group were Zoie Chandalkar, Sophie Graham, Saya Hauser, Sanaa Kulkarni, Jasper Nickoll, Lovely Panda, and Aksh Ranjan.

In the Open Division, Misha Machavariani finished in the top 10 eight times with a 3rd in the 200 Breast, 4th in the 100 Breast, and 5th in both the 200 IM and 400 IM.  Hope Westphal grabbed 5th in the 200 Fly, 400 Free and 400 IM.  Ashley Freel, competing in only four events on the weekend, took 2nd in the 100 Free and 200 IM and 3rd in the 800 Free.  Maggie Johnson placed 2nd in the 200 Fly and finished in the Top 10 in five events.  Cole Ehara and Dathan Wolf combined for top 10 finishes in two events.  Also competing in Open events were Ty Mayer, Luke Miller, Annie Murer, Judah Nickoll, Cavan Stilson, and Ali Trueblood.

This weekend Club Olympia swimmers Ashley Freel and Josh Pendleton are in Texas at the University of Houston competing as a part of the Team Indiana All Stars in the Dual in the Pool against Team Illinois and Team Gulf States (primarily Texas), three of the best LSCs in the United States. Club Olympia travels to Franklin, Indiana, for a dual meet with the Franklin Regional Swim Team on May 24

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